Mick Fanning doing BET training


Mick Fanning doing BET training


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We currently have 2 fully certified BET Instructors, one based on the Gold Coast & one on the Sunshine Coast. In those 2 locations, we will run one group course each month (date chosen by us). Feel free to contact us if you have a group of 10 (or more) and would like to choose your own date.
When you sign up to the database for a specific location you will be notified about new course dates before they are posted anywhere online. In fact we only put dates up online ‘if’ we have any spots remaining after connecting with the database.

The minimum age for the group courses we promote to the public is 12 years. Why? They need to be mature enough to BOTH understand the theory section and be physically capable of doing the pool drills.

If kids are too young or too immature, they lose focus in the theory section & just want to play underwater during the pool section (we get it!). Our goal in these sessions is to build their confidence & grow their capabilities whereas if it’s too hard mentally or physically it can become an overwhelming experience – the opposite of what we are aiming for.

BUT there are still options, we can run a course JUST for the young ones (or young ones plus an adult), and the iInstructor will speak in a language that keeps them engaged and slightly shorten the pool drills so they are capable and make great progress.

Absolutely not! Whilst our instructors do work with competitive athletes & surfers, our programs are appropriate for all levels wanting to be their best and deal better with the pressures or challenges that arise.
Sure is! Whilst we do have excellent programs that cater for the stresses that athletes & surfers face, the very same teachings are highly beneficial for working with ‘any’ kind of stress or challenge. Our bodies and minds respond to stress in the same way and we can use the same tips & tools to manage that stress better & improve our well-being. Even if you’re not a surfer or athlete you will still love those specific courses OR you can register to join a more gentle well-being session.
Yes, we can tailor our content for both water & land based sports. If your sport is land based you don’t ‘have’ to do the pool version, however it is our signatures session and as you may have seen, all the different national teams that we have worked with have thrived on this session. Taking people into an environment out of the norm can enhance the experience and the learnings.
If we don’t have a session running soon in your area, you can contact us to see if we have availability to come your way. We would need help with the following: Group numbers. We have a great database however if you can give us a good head start with numbers (12-16) this really helps. We can usually fill remaining spots. A room for the theory presentation, can be darkened and has a large projector screen or TV & chairs. A pool, indoor is preferable so that the weather doesn’t cancel the course. Shallow enough to stand up in. Heated, kids learn to swim pools are ideal. Not busy at time of hire, it’s not a great experience if kids parties, squad coaching etc is happening in the background, especially as there are parts designed for extreme relaxation. 4 lanes minimum.
Swimmers or Board-shorts or Surf wetsuit – we will advise as this is venue dependant. You lose heat 20-25 times faster in water than on land. You’ll be in the water for 2+ hours & it’s no fun and way harder when you get cold. Goggles (not a dive mask), we do have spares Towel & Water bottle Bring fins if not a strong swimmer (at least you have the option to use/not use). If you have the ability to swim 100m unassisted you should be right. You’ll have to fill out a medical/liability form.

STRESS – Every time you breathe you can influence the behaviour of your nervous system. If you are stressed, it’s highly likely your breathing is contributing to a fight/flight response, however because this is something you have control over, you can use it to create a calmer state. With a live demonstration we will teach you how to do this effectively within a few breath cycles, whilst it’s being validated right before your very eyes.

ANXIETY – Breathing correctly acts on 2 very important nerves (the vagus & phrenic) which help to calm the nervous system & regulate feelings of anxiety, stress and calmness, so it is one of the best ways to reduce and eliminate anxiety. Initially you may feel anxious breathing differently your norm, however with a little practice & patience you will feel the enormous benefits.

Not in just one session/course. Initially it will enable you to access your current lung capacity far better & with greater ease, most are not doing this so it is actually of great benefit. Then, if you you consistently practice the drills we go through and exercise regularly you can increase your lung capacity.

No! Safety is of the upmost priority and in 17+ years we have been teaching no one has blacked out. We do not push maximums. It is not possible to blackout by following the time frames for breath holds & recovery periods – HOWEVER you will make great progress! We start slow & progress so that both your physical AND mental capacities grow together.
We also make it totally acceptable for you to take a breath whenever you need to.
** IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW our guidelines & safety rules by seeing how long you can hold your breath or how many laps you can do underwater etc, then yes you could blackout. We do not support these methods. Please learn how to do this kind of breath work safely.

You will actually ‘feel’ a difference in your state straight away due to chemical changes taking place in your blood, however for physiological changes to take place where you have now access to greater capacities, it’s like to take a minimum of 3 weeks, practicing drills 3-4 times a week (they are short), to notice a good difference.


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