Acquaintance & Medical

WARNING: Breath-Hold training in an aquatic environment can be hazardous – Please Read This First

The aquatic environment i.e. swimming pool, beach pool or ocean, is a dynamic medium that can be physically demanding and mentally challenging. The aquatic environment may expose you to unusual mental and physical stressors in a short period of time that if left unchecked or taken to extremes, may result in injury or death unknowingly. There is also considerable sensory deprivation i.e vision, hearing, touch and balance all of which can be disturbed and restricted and the effects are exacerbated by certain medical conditions. Failure to account for these conditions prior to engaging in Breath Enhancement Training activities may endanger your health, your life, and the safety of any person you may train with.


The purpose of this Medical History Questionnaire is to find out if your doctor should examine you before participating in Breath Enhancement Training (hereafter referred to as B.E.T). Your signature on this statement is required for you to participate in B.E.T programs. A positive response to a question does not necessarily disqualify you from participating, it just means that there is a pre-existing condition that may affect your safety and Equalize Training Company Pty Ltd will advise if you must seek the advice of your physician prior to engaging in our programs (and supply us with a medical certificate). Nevertheless, some medical conditions are too risky and will, consequently, preclude you from participation.

Please read the following questions carefully and respond with a YES or NO regarding your past & present medical history, if unsure answer YES.


Pregnancy: Pregnant or planning to be pregnant?
Neurological: Any history of seizure disorder; convulsions fainting or fits; hallucinations; schizophrenia; brain surgery; stroke, black-outs; severe migraine headaches; aneurysm or brains blood vessels; other
Cardiovascular (Heart & Blood) Conditions: Heart attack; heart surgery, irregular heart beat, uncontrolled elevated blood pressure; uncontrolled bleeding or blood disorders; other
Asthma: Asthma history or attacks; History of wheezing caused by exercise, cold, anxiety, fatigue etc; Any condition requiring medication and/or use of inhaler to control wheezing; other. Please give details further down.
Lungs: Any history of collapsed lungs, spontaneous or by injury: cysts; air pockets; damaged lung tissue, emphysema; any problem that interferes with your ability to breathe
Medications: With the exception of birth control or anti-malarial, anything taken on a regular basis either over-the- counter or prescription
Diving Accidents: Any history of diving accidents or decompression illness
Medical: Any physical and/or emotional condition not mentioned that might affect your safety in an underwater environment or affect your judgement under times of physical or emotional stress


This declaration and your responses to the medical questionnaire are a confidential document between yourself and the Breath Enhancement instructor/supervisor. If you have any questions regarding this Medical Questionnaire or the Medical Declaration, review them with a B.E.T staff member before signing.