Breath Enhancement Training (BET) entered the high performance sporting realm as early as 2006, and with continual research and development it has since been used by no less than 15 World & Olympic Champions, and has been incorporated as a staple training tool in various Olympic teams/ sports over the last 4 consecutive Olympics
BET was first introduced into NRL circles in 2013, followed by AFL in 2018. 2019 was certainly a year to remember as co-founder & chief Instructor Nam Baldwin shared his expertise & enjoyed the years journey with the AFL premiers (Richmond Tigers), the NRL premiers (Roosters), and the State of Origin winners, the Blues.


Are continually striving to be their best selves, to maximise training gains & up their game at a competitive level.
Find competition challenging at times.
Want to learn as much as possible about human performance in crucial, high pressure moments.
Are interested in working with instructors who have extensive knowledge, experience and a demonstrated track record of success.

Breath Enhancement Training is an important part of an athletes performance pathway, merging physical and mental realms together. It’s not only about how to breathe better, it’s about better self regulation, self confidence & attention skills, it’s about having something in your tool belt to deal better with expectations, pressures & challenges, plus the ability to persevere through critical moments, all those things that might falter when our heart rates are in that zone of discomfort. And let’s not forget, a teams collective performance & their ability to top the ladder is largely impacted by the ability of individual players to respond to & manage these challenges. In addition, the skills to re-set and recover effectively week after week, must be in place for consistency in performance in your chosen sport.

With many challenges faced in 2020 including the imposed travel ban, we were inspired to build a top quality virtual training studio which is now successfully incorporated in to many programs for time effective touch points & follow-ups.

If you’re an athlete or team interested in building a more solid performance foundation, what are you waiting for?! Let’s put in place a pathway that has you or your team stepping up and executing on practices better than ever before.

Outstanding performance doesn’t happen by chance.


Are continually striving to be their best selves, to maximise training gains & up their game at a competitive level.
Find competition challenging at times.
Want to learn as much as possible about human performance in crucial, high pressure moments.
Are interested in working with instructors who have extensive knowledge, experience and a demonstrated track record of success.


“When the pressure is on, do you step-up or struggle?”

BET workshops address the first behavioural component that is affected by pressure or stress – the breath, and once this foundational aspect of performance is strengthened, other components that contribute to peak performance can dramatically improve. Whether your performance is limited by mental or physical aspects, our experienced instructors share mental practices & physical drills that are easily applied, improving your competence in both. You’ll even witness a live demonstration showing the relationship between your state, breath & heart rhythms & how quickly they impact one another. It’s really eye opening & will encourage you to use the learnings for greater control of your physical, mental & emotional state, enhancing both your performance & your recovery.

* When we work with teams we include cues & strategies for coaches to incorporate in to training (if appropriate)

Breathing checks: to see if current patterns are helping or hindering your health & performance. This includes common mistakes to look out for & how to correct them.

Warm up protocols to maximise mental & physical performance: If you want to maximise your training gains or compete as your best self, you must learn the most effective ways to switch on and warm up your lungs & respiratory system. Without this in place you’ll struggle to find flow far longer than is necessary.

The first behaviour to change under stress is breathing and we’ve all experienced that uncomfortable tipping point where a) the regulation of our emotional state falters & the anxiety and negative ‘mental chatter’ kicks in and b) when our mental skills like focus & decision-making diminish. It’s most common in high heart rate, high pressure situations so we’ll teach you how to stay calm, centred & less distracted, so you can better access the skills & fitness you’ve worked so hard on.
If you’re breathing incorrectly you’re not optimising your lungs capacity & you’ll be hitting your physical thresholds too early. You won’t be achieving optimal oxygenation which just makes everything more difficult. We want to get these things in check plus boost your tolerance to higher levels of carbon dioxide, which build up in high heart rate scenarios & diminish your physical capabilities & finer motor skill.

To calm the mind, body & nervous system:  It’s no longer a secret that the best athletes know that energy is their currency & therefore recovery & sleep quality is crucial in ensuring higher quality training sessions and performance in a competitive environment.  Learn how to switch from a stressed/intense state into a calm state quickly when the pressure is on, plus the importance of regularly shifting your nervous system from a ‘fight or flight’ state into a deep ‘healing state’ after stress. 

Strategies to better manage the pressures of the season, both on and off the field: It’s important to recognise that to be a better athlete it helps to be a better human being first. Breath work is a foundational & timeless tool that lessens your daily experience of overwhelm, anxiety & stress so you can manage this space more effectively.

Improves well-being of mind & body:  By coming to see us in order to improve your athletic performance you are undoubtedly opening yourself up to many more benefits than you first realised.  Check them out by clicking here


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    Workshops begin with a highly educational, engaging & interactive presentation with so many takeaways both as an athlete & life outside of this space. Knowledge however is only as good as its practical use, so the practical immersion component is where you &/or your team get to take your new physical & mental tools & techniques for a test run at varying intensities. If your team competes in a land based sport, the heated pool option is still extremely effective on many levels, it takes many out of their normal comfort zones (added bonus) and all of our national teams & elite athletes have done it. We do have options to keep this practical component purely on land too. We will guide you through many of the same activities as the world champs we’ve worked with, discovering how to turn intensity or overwhelm in to calmness, composure & clarity. To finish, you will be guided into a space where a profound sense of calmness will be experienced that has been a game changer for so many.

    We will work with you to understand your requirements and tailor a package to suit. 
    Pricing available upon request

    Locations Gold Coast (Robina) & Sunshine Coast (Mountain Creek) $175pp

    *If no athlete courses currently available , you can join a BET SURF course instead.


      • Complete our medical/liability form

      • Minimum age 12 years.
      • Ability to swim 100m unassisted, bring fins if not a strong swimmer (at least you have the option to use/not use).
      • Swimmers or Board-shorts
      • Goggles (not a dive mask), we do have spares
      • Towel & Water bottle
      • Surf wetsuit – we will advise as this is venue dependant. You lose heat 20-25 times faster in water than on land.  You’ll be in the water for 2+ hours & it’s no fun and way harder when you get cold.
      • Complete our medical/liability form
      • Pay deposit to secure your spot

    Venue for Presentation with large projector screen or TV.

    We have specific venue requirements for the practical immersion components which will be discussed on enquiry.

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    Our courses book out fast so book as early as you can, and make sure you’re on the list for info about all upcoming sessions.
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