Breath Enhancement Training 07.08.2014


When we run a BET Introductory Course, one of the top reasons for attending is that people want to increase their confidence in surf conditions that challenge them, whether they be a relative new comer to the sport or a seasoned charger! The simple fact is that we all want to progress and lack of confidence is seen as one of the major hurdles.

The theory part of the introductory course contains valuable insights in to how your breathing affects a number of different areas of your body which contribute to your confidence levels. We then teach you simple & effective ways to improve & build your confidence.

You will learn the importance of rhythmic breathing and how this lays a direct foundation for confidence, many of you have heard that rhythmic breathing has many benefits, but do you know why? Nam Baldwin, the instructor is ‘The Why Guy’ and after the course, when you are armed with a greater understanding you will find yourself much more focused on the breath and more in tune with just how much it can help/hinder your experiences across all walks of life, not just your surfing.

TIP #1 ~ Breath with Rhythm. Rhythmic breathing creates a rhythmic heart beat and a rhythmic heart beat establishes a specific brain wave pattern which supports peak performance and emotional balance. This gives you better judgement & decision making skills in high pressure situations, you have a sense of greater control and this contributes to building your confidence.

How to do it? It’s so easy! If you take a 4 count to breathe in, take a 4 count to breathe out. At higher heart rates your count will be lower than it is when your are more relaxed, however the same principle applies, match the count on the in breath to the count on the out breath. You should definitely focus on lengthening the counts as your heart rate drops.

What’s the alternative? It’s an irregular breathing pattern, leading to an irregular heart beat, leading to an erratic brain wave pattern, decreased performance, increased anxiety and plenty of self doubt. What would you rather? Keep it simple folks and breathe with rhythm.

TIP #2 ~ When you engage in self doubt, there is a contraction of smooth muscle in your stomach area & it can be difficult not to focus on this involuntary action. When this happens you need to shift your awareness away from your stomach, to an area where there is no smooth muscle to contract, such as the hands. You can focus on your hands whilst you are paddling, how they feel, how they enter the water, the rhythm of your strokes etc. This simple tip allows you to regain what is known as ‘situational awareness’, a feeling of being centred and in control. With practice this becomes a powerful tool in building your confidence and it’s so easy to remember.

We hope you will incorporate these 2 tips the next time you are feeling a lack in confidence and you will have a much BETter surf because of it!

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**Special Thanks to Surfer: Dan Ryan & Photographer: Chris White