Pursuit of understanding

Kerry’s quest for a deeper understanding of the human body and mind saw him pursue undergraduate degrees in Human Movements and Psychology.

This created two paths in Kerry’s life. One path led to working within governmental agencies helping those that have been disadvantaged, marginalised and/or suffering from traumatic events to re-establish healthy roles within society. The other path led to working with high performing athletes that were pursuing the very pinnacle in their chosen sports.

This journey into sporting peak performance led to a chance encounter with Nam Baldwin. In Kerry’s own words this encounter literally changed his life, not just in providing Kerry with several master keys to help unlock peak performance in everyone, from the disadvantaged youth to the elite sportsperson, but in preparing him for what was to come.

Although Kerry was no stranger to adversity breaking his neck at the early age of twenty, a dormant autoimmune disease flared up and took over Kerry’s life.

Nam guided Kerry through strategies that saw him connect with his breath, opening pathways to help heal his body and his mind. Through these daily practises Kerry soon sent his auto-immune disease into remission

The Power of Breath Work

In Kerry’s words “Nam’s breathing techniques, how he communicates them and coaches them by integrating them into a daily process, gave me the resources to do what they said couldn’t be done, to send my auto-immune disease packing and to get back to living my best life again.”

Kerry has now taught Nam’s breathing systems and process for nearly a decade to everyone from surfers wanting to be prepared to tackle challenging waves, elite athletes wanting to perform under pressure to those wanting help to overcome anxiety and depression.

Upon reflection Kerry can now see his entire life, his enduring passion and what he now calls his purpose is to create change.

“My passion, my purpose and what I take great pride in, is simply providing an education and opportunity to everyone I deal with to be able to create change, to reach for the stars, to be the best versions of themselves, in short to be happy and fulfilled in this life.”

Pursuit of Excellence

Kerry’s quest for a deeper understanding of the human body and mind saw him pursuing excellence in his own development led to Kerry becoming a ASCA level 3 Elite Strength and Conditioning Coach, this in turn helped Kerry assist athletes become the best in their chosen sports, such as:

  • Lincoln Dews  2 Times World Champion Stand Up Paddle Boarder
  • Kareena Lee – Olympic Bronze Medalist Swimmer 
  • Lani Pallister Dual World Junior Champion Swimmer 
  • Sophie McCulluch – World Championship Tour Surfer 
  • Holly Williams – World Challenger Series Surfer 
  • Hayley Powell – Australian Skate Team Member 
  • Claire McCulluch Australian Junior Water Polo Team Member
  • Jesse Parkinson Australian Snowboarding Team Member

Kerry has also coached a myriad of National Champion swimmers, World Qualifying Series surfers,Australian Surfing Champions, internationally successful Tennis Players, Kellogg’s Ironman & women, Australian Surf Lifesaving Team members, Coolangatta Gold winners, Australian Juniot=r Track Team members & Australian Team Kayakers.

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ASCA Level 3 – S & C Coach 

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