A Hunger to Learn

Nam Baldwin is the co-founder of the internationally recognised Breath Enhancement Training program. With close to 30 years experience in the health, fitness & wellbeing industries worldwide, he specialises in peak performance, and has developed multiple programs exploring success under pressure in both the emotional and physical realms. Nam has dedicated his life to assisting others in progressing towards their mental & physical potential, but where did it all begin?

Nam can trace his hunger to learn and later teach about the breath right back to the very young age of 8 years old. Growing up shy and in a very tough boarding school environment he latched on to practices that helped him with his performance anxiety and managing pressure, especially when it helped his sporting pursuits.

His thirst for knowledge and experience then grew organically over many years whilst competing in athletics at a high level, a free-diving addiction with his marine biologist brother (partially inspired by cult movie of that time ‘The Big Blue’), before starting down the more formal & scientific route of training and becoming a safety diver for a free diving world champion. Through extensive research, training and application Nam worked up to a static breath hold time of over 7 minutes himself. Nam has spent a huge part of his life underwater, a joke amongst those that know him will say that behind those big ears is a set of gills. Ready for the steak knives yet? Nam is also a Kung Fu instructor and kinesiologist.

If you are looking for an experienced & relatable teacher, Nam’s life journey in sports, martial arts, in and on the ocean, plus business pursuits has undoubtedly seen him face most of the same types of breathing & breath hold challenges that have brought you here; mental,  physical & emotional.

The Teacher

Nam is undeniably a passionate teacher, holding himself to the highest standards no matter the audience.  He will credit a lot of his early teaching prowess to his 16 years teaching & running a scuba diving company.  

Nam co-founded BET in 2005 with his partner Devo to initially serve the surfing community. It has since become the launchpad for them working with many of the world’s best professional athletes, surfers, sporting teams and execs.  Their feedback & consistent personal studies has shaped BET into what it is today.  “Its been an 18 year journey of consistent progression in assisting some of the best athletes and waterman in the world handle the most intense situations”

Nams knowledge and understanding of how to obtain calmness during intensive moments, is highly sought after and something Nam loves to share through coaching and facilitation. He is known for demonstrating his own sense of calmness & has a gift in simplifying the complicated science behind brain & body performance.  He is able to connect and articulate his teachings in ways that help to build great confidence and competence in those he works with.

The Next Chapter

Nam strongly believes that correct breathing is the greatest foundational tool for all levels of well-being and performance, and is passionate about the expansion of BET.  BET Instructors are hand picked for their gift & passion in teaching.  They are chosen for their experience & understanding of how breath work integrates in to a much bigger picture. They take pride in their performance & they prioritise taking care of their bodies and minds.  Let them help you to do the same.

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