Designed for ocean lovers of all levels – Learners, big wave surfers,
weekend warriors & competitive.

Breath Enhancement Training is a program to help you gain confidence in the ocean, and improve how you deal with wiping out, breath holds and hold downs.

It will take your physical and psychological abilities to a new level, providing you with the confidence and composure to progress and truly enjoy your sport.


Whether it’s 3ft, 8ft or 15ft waves and their hold downs that challenge you, this training is suitable for ocean-goers of all levels. If your challenge is physical and you get rattled paddling out, swimming out or wiping out, we go through specific pool drills which mimic surf conditions & these will train your body to be much more competent.

If your greatest challenge is the mental anxiety that you experience during breath holds, hold downs or under a high heart rate, then we have the knowledge and training techniques to make you more confident, comfortable and able to deal with that. We have Instructors that have held coveted positions in the professional surf realm, so if your performance suffers under competitive pressures – we have that covered too!

Come along and experience for yourself how BET enhances your ocean experience AND dealing with equally challenging moments outside of the surf. If you are an ocean lover like us and looking to better yourself in this environment & beyond, we would LOVE to have you join us.


Let us teach you effective breathing warm-ups to prepare your mind & body for challenging paddle outs, wipe outs and hold downs. You’ll find that after the course, some previous challenges won’t even register any more!

As true blue Aussies it’s a pretty standard practice to see who can do the most laps of the backyard pool underwater or how long you can sit on the bottom – guilty, eeekkkk!!! Knowing what we do now, this education is something all swimmers & surfers could benefit form in learning how to increase their breath hold safely.

Anyways, this is not a free-dive specific training course & you won’t be attempting maximum stationary breath holds, however your breath hold will improve dramatically.

This is surf specific training and our drills recognise that you are usually under a higher heart rates when the breath is compromised & the drills ensure that you will gain greater confidence in bigger, rougher surf conditions.  We start slow and progress from there, always within your limits.
This is surf specific training and our drills recognise that you are usually under a higher heart rates when the breath is compromised & the drills ensure that you will gain greater confidence in bigger, rougher surf conditions. We start slow and progress from there, always within your limits.

Finding your breathing even more challenging as you get older?  Have you got young ones to keep up with?  Take note because you can lose an alarming amount of lung capacity each decade through incorrect breathing technique and lack of correct education. Improving the strength and durability of all the muscles involved in breathing greatly enhances yourbreathing control, efficiency & physical capabilities, especially under load.  Show those groms who’s boss! anxiety, unclear thinking & disruptive behaviours.  You’ll learn the most effective ‘natural’ way to deal with stress which can be used anywhere, anytime.

You normally breathe out Carbon Dioxide (CO2) but during breath holds & stressful situations it builds up & usually triggers feelings of anxiety, panic & discomfort around the chest – for most this is the worst part of it all.  We share knowledge and put you through drills that rapidly improves your physical & mental tolerance to elevated levels of this gas.  Even the understanding that comes from the theory section quickly gives you greater control over your emotions, helping you to stay calmer in bigger surf or when under pressure. You’re welcome!

The most common thing we hear during this part is “I’ve NEVER felt that calm before!”. BET recovery breathing techniques coupled with guided mental cues (collectively known as ‘The Switch’) allows deep tissue oxygenation, relaxation & rejuvenation to take place.  This calms your nervous system land the emotional centres of your brain like never before, minimises energy wastage and can be used to restore balance after any kind of challenging situation.  The better your recovery, the better prepared you are for the next challenge.

If you prefer to see evidence that what you are being taught is true, you’ll love this part!  Enjoy a live biofeedback demonstration showing heart-brain interaction & be educated on how to use your breathing to create ideal heart rhythms for greater control of your nervous system, faster recovery and better performance mentally & physically, especially when under load.   Game Changer!

The first thing to change under stress is your breathing, creating a number of imbalances, in particular to your heart rate and rhythm.   Under stress, a higher heart rate results in higher brainwave activity and this can significantly reduce your mental processing, composure & memory recall, potentially resulting in Surf wetsuit – this is pool dependent. You lose heat 20-25 times faster in water than on land. You’ll be in the water for 2+ hours & it’s no fun and way harder when you get cold.

How many times have you been upset by not having the confidence to commit to taking a wave?  Try as we might, we’ve all had that moment had that miss and it’s spoiled our day.   The good news is that besides the physical changes that take place to allow an extended breath hold, your mental strength and confidence dramatically improve too. 

Plenty of crew join us pre surf trip as this kind of fitness can dramatically improve enjoyment & stoke on the trip, but can be hard to build during normal surfs, especially if conditions aren’t great in the lead up.  Programs are available for purchase but only to those that have already done an Introductory Program (link to page) with us.

Surfing or ocean sports may have brought you to us but click here (link to well-being benefits web page) to see how many more benefits you are opening yourself up to by joining us, from a better breathing technique, improved immune system, stress management, and sooooo much more!!

BET will improve the way in which Oxygen is made available to you in your times of need.  This component of the training involves activities with short breath holds with an empty lung, yes you read that right!

  • Minimum age 12 years.
  • Ability to swim 100m unassisted, bring fins if not a strong swimmer (at least you have the option to use/not use).
  • Complete our medical/liability form
  • Pay deposit to secure your spot
  • Swimmers or Board-shorts
  • Goggles (not a dive mask), we do have spares
  • Towel & Water bottle


Our courses book out fast, so book as early as you can by selecting the event date from the list.


If you can’t see a session date for your preferred location/s, register your details using this form & you will hear about new dates first!

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