BET training is something that I believe any person should take part in. As a teacher Being exposed to various stress management strategies is crucial, particularly as our lives and the world becomes more complicated. If young people have these strategies that they can draw from at a young age they are more likely to become a full functioning adult. They too are also more likely to support others and contribute to their community in meaningful ways.

Anyone can sail in a calm seas, and we typically give young people knowledge however it is going to be limited unless they can manage the stormy waters that come with life. Taking part in BET training is about giving the kids confidence, confidence is fundamental. And the things that instil confidence is providing the “what if things don’t go right?” Persona and strategies. There is no point having a whole lot of knowledge of you don’t have the confidence to use it or if you are so tangled up in all your other thought processes to apply them. This was the driving idea behind engaging with BET training and providing my students the opportunity to experience and grow through this course.

My students have become more resilient and empowered in all spheres of life as a result. It has broadened their perspective and ability to manage “stress” or “challenge”. Because it is small achievable things it is a game changer for the students. It literally blows their minds. The considerable gains and progression over a session has affirmed how powerful their mind and body is, and that anyone can learn to manage, moderate and take on a range of anything that comes their way. The self belief that has been instilled and the awareness of themselves is second to none.

What I find amazing is no matter who they are, what walk of life they come from they all have many wins and truly grow as a result of the training. It is something that allows them to put to practice concepts and ideas and gives them a tool kit for times when the the waves are really rocking things and shaking up their world. BET training has been one of the best things that I as a teacher have taken part in and provided for my students. It has a place for anyone no matter what avenue you are in.