BREATHING IS ONE OF THE MASTER KEYS to your health and well-being.

How do you know? Well, just stop doing it for a moment and you’ll soon figure it out.


Those who want to improve well-being & performance

Those who need to handle stress more effectively

Mums & Dads – you know why 😉
Those looking for a tool to help them decrease anxiety & increase calm
Those wanting to build confidence
When people find themselves generally tired, stressed or anxious most days, they usually put it down to the mental taxation of their job or running the family and think it’s something they have to persevere with. For those seeking a better way, it’s still rare to give any thought to their breathing, at least not thinking it can have any substantial impact.
BUT if you are doing something approximately 22,000 times each day and you’re not doing it as effectively as you can, then surely a substantial change is possible were you to learn to do it better? You ‘BET’ it is!! All sorts of incredible benefits await you in regards to energy, managing emotions & stress, immune strengthening & sleep – and it’s something we want to teach you so that you have far greater control of your mental & physical well-being.


Those who want to improve well-being & performance

Those who need to handle stress more effectively

Mums & Dads – you know why 😉
Those looking for a tool to help them decrease anxiety & increase calm
Those wanting to build confidence


In doing this WELLBEING workshop you will still be rewarded with many of the additional benefits as seen on our SURF, ATHLETE or CORPORATE pages (link to each), this one is simply mostly tailored to mind-body well-being with loads of great tools for daily life. When you do the practical immersion, the drills are a little more gentle & relaxing too.
Join us to lean more about your mind, body & breath, and how they all respond to all stress, anxiety, pressure & overwhelm. The only down side is that you’ll wish you’d learnt it at a much younger age!
To see if current patterns are helping or hindering your health & performance. This includes common mistakes to look out for & how to correct them.
How to use breathing to help control or regulate your emotional state, thinking & stress levels, whilst helping to lessen anxiety & overwhelm.
How to use breathing to help handle mental & physical pressure, plus build resilience.
How breathing effectively directly improves the quality of your physical & mental energy.
Often we treat ailments with drugs alone, however breathing effectively is a way to address the cause of many problems (usually resulting from a form of stress) at the root. It’s an effective way to build the health of your body from a cellular perspective, each cell needing a rich source of oxygen to be able to operate at its potential.
The importance of incorporating some calm into your day, and how.
Learn how to ‘switch’ from a stressed or intense state into a calm & relaxed state quickly.
See ‘live’ how quickly your breathing changes your heart beat & that state of your nervous system.
Know for certain how to breathe correctly at all different heart rate speeds.
How to implement breathing practices in to your day to boost energy, minimise stress & improve sleep quality.


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    Workshops begin with a highly educational, engaging & interactive presentation with so many takeaways for daily life.
    Knowledge however is only as good as its practical use, so the practical immersion component is where you get to trial your new physical & mental tools & techniques.
    We will guide you through many of the same activities as the world champs we’ve worked with, discovering how to turn intensity or overwhelm in to calmness, composure & clarity. These activities range from being moderately challenging to extremely relaxing.
    To finish, you will be guided into a space where a profound sense of calmness will be experienced that has been a game changer for so many.

    • Minimum age 12 years (a mature 12 is best).
    • You don’t have to be a strong swimmer. Bring fins if you swim like a rock (at least you have the option to use/not use).
    • Goggles (not a dive mask), we do have spares.
    • Towel & Water bottle.
    • Swimmers or Board-shorts or Surf wetsuit – we will advise as this is venue dependant. You lose heat 20-25 times faster in water than on land. You’ll be in the water for 2+ hours & it’s no fun and way harder when you get cold.
    • Medical & Liability Form.
    Venue for Presentation with large projector screen or TV We have specific venue requirements for the practical immersion components which will be discussed on enquiry.
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    Our courses book out fast so book as early as you can, and make sure you’re on the list for info about all upcoming sessions.
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